Frequently Asked Questions

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How to add a new plant?

New plants can be added either from My Plants screen or the created green spot. Scroll to the bottom of these screens and add a new plant or add a plant from the library. Find the plant in Plants Library list, tap it to show details, then tap “Add”. The plant is added to the list of plants in your plants collection. In order to give the plant a label, go to Plant I.D. To add a new plant, tap “Add New” button. You can specify plant's data, i.e. taxonomy, properties etc. in the plant's details. You can also add a plant by duplicating an existing plant. Select the plant you want to duplicate and tap it to see its details screen. Tap “Copy” and fill in a label for the new plant. All remaining data is duplicated from the existing plant. However, you can edit data in the new plant's details screens.

How to add a green spot?

For iPhone tap “Green Spots” label at the top of Green Spots screen. Tap the “Add” button in the drop down panel. Fill in spot's data in the details screen. Tap the tick to save changes or tap the cross to cancel spot's creation. Note: If you add a plant in My Plants screen and you haven't created any green spots yet, a default green spot, “My Home” is created for you. For iPad tap the “+” icon in the Green Spots screen in order to add a new spot.

How to delete a green spot?

For iPhone in the Green Spots screen tap the “i” to enter edit mode. Then tap the green spot you want to delete to see its details screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the “Delete” button. For iPad tap the edit button. Use the standard controls to delete a spot from the table view. Important: Deleting a green spot deletes all plants that belong to it.

Which green spots are active?

Active green spots are those which are enabled and their “From” date is in the past and their “To” date is in the future or is set to “Always”.

How to care for somebody else's plants?

Just add a new green spot with the respective list of plants. Set the period you need to care for the plants in the spot's details screen (“From” and “To” fields). Make sure “Enabled” is selected. When the period expires, the spot will not appear in the list of active green spots anymore. If you do not specify an end date (“To” is set to “Always"), you can select “Disabled” when you do not need to care for these plants anymore.

How to delete a plant?

In the list of plants tap the plant you want to delete, then tap “Delete” and confirm.

What's the difference between the Compact and the Detailed view mode for the plants? (only for iPhone)

Compact mode displays the symbols only for the basic properties (hardiness, irrigation interval, feeding, lighting). Detailed mode displays also the advanced properties (edibility and air humidity).

Why a plant appears multiple times in the Plants Library list?

It is possible that a plant is known by more than one common names. In this case there are entries in the library list for all common names.

How to edit species?

Species is a classification which must always contain two words. Therefore, if you type three words, the last one will be ignored, and if you type only one word, the app will treat it as the second word of the species name and will automatically put the gender name as a first word.

What's the difference between Suspended and Undefined in Action details screen for a plant?

“Undefined” in the plant's action details screen will delete all scheduled tasks and the fields will restore their default values. “Suspended” will temporary disable the schedule for this activity for this plant. The settings of the fields however are preserved.

How to get additional info on plants?

Select the plant in the list of plants, display plant's details and go to plant's Properties. Tap “Wikipedia” button if available.

What if I add a plant and haven't created any spots?

If you add a plant in My Plants screen before you have created any spots, a new default spot “My Home” is automatically created and is visible/selected in the Spots field.

What's Plants Library?

This is a predefined list of plants. The list can be used for fast adding a new plant to your plants collection. Just select a plant from the Library and tap the “Add” button. The existing plants in the Library have their taxonomic categories set and their default properties defined. Note: The preliminary defined properties of the Library plants should be used as a reference only, you can update your plant's properties depending on the specific location and environmental conditions.

What's a spot?

This is a place which contains a group of plants, i.e. you can create a spot for your home, your office, your balcony, or your parent's apartment, etc. You can easily view pending gardening tasks for each spot.

What are my daily tasks, i.e. how to care for plants?

For each plant you can schedule activities like watering, fertilising, and repotting. For each activity you can set the next date and the period. Due tasks appear with a glowing icon in the plant's activity details screen. For iPhone in Tasks screen the red badge on activity's icon shows the number of plants for which this task is pending. Tap the activity icon in order to see the list of plants for which that activity is pending. In Green Spot screen the red badge on each spot's icon represents the number of plants in this spot for which there is a pending activity. If an activity has no red badge, this means there are no plants which need this activity at the moment. In addition, if a spot has no red badge, this means none of the plants in this spot requires attention at the moment. For iPad tap a task in the Tasks screen. A list of plants is displayed for which there are scheduled activities. For the plants with due activities the date is displayed in red. After you have completed the task, i.e. have watered, repotted, or fertilised the plant, tap the circle on the right to mark the task as done.

How to reorder activities and green spots?

For iPhone you can touch and hold any icon in Green spots or Tasks screens in order to rearrange the wiggling icons on the screen. For iPad use the edit button at the top of the first column in Green spots and Tasks screens. Use the standard controls for reordering table view items. The order of the activities and the green spots in these screens determines the display in My Plants screen when the list of plants is sorted by activity or by spot.

How to get help?

For iPhone shake the device in order to get help, specific to the displayed screen. For iPad tap the “?” button at top left of the screen title bar.

What if my plant is not in the library?

If you cannot find your plant in the Plants Library you can still add it to your plants collection. Use the “Add New” button at the bottom of the screen with the list of plants. You can also add new taxonomic categories to the Library - go to plant's Taxonomy details screen. Tap on a category in which you want to create a new entry. Enter the name and tap “Add”. Later you can use this new category for other plants you add to your plants collection. Note: Only user created taxonomic categories can be edited. Once created taxonomic categories cannot be deleted.

How can the plants' list be sorted?

There are four sorting options: by name, by spot, by action, and by the date of next event. For iPhone to select the sorting option go to My Plants screen and tap “My Plants” label at the top. Sort options appear in the drop down panel. For iPad use the sort order buttons at the top of the plants list. When the list is sorted by action, or by the date of the next event, a plant can appear more than once in the list in case there are several scheduled tasks for that plant.